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oh yeah

by the way

the person that used to own this blog before me??

they gave it to me

so if you’re looking for the previous owner of this blog she’s here now

otherwise yeah i am not that person




If you actually think physical attractiveness is important in a relationship, you are not shallow. To make a good relationship last you have to be physically and mentally attracted to the person. I am tired of seeing people being called shallow simply because they are looking for someone attractive to them, mentally and physically.

You are shallow when physical attractiveness is the only thing that keeps you two together.



asexual people

this is a load of bull you do not H A V E to be physically attracted to someone to have a good relationship and make it work i’mmmmmm just. wow

when people try to include asexuals but end up getting everything wrong



luv this bun 


i have a serious lack of butt in my hands right now


so i heard you was talkin shit about me on club penguin


i don’t care if your icon is a sandwich or fucking robert downey jr
you are the icon
the icon is within you


do you ever get so annoyed at everything that you start to get pissed off at even little things like a spoon clinking against a bowl or sounds of people talking  


1 time in my english class there was a fly going around the room and it was annoying everyone and it came over to my desk and i caught it with my hand and like 15 ppl started clapping but i couldn’t get up to throw it in the trash because i had a boner